Amanda Weisman is a social media + digital marketing specialist who combines creativity with analytical thinking to amplify the digital presence of leading brands.

At her core, Amanda is a storyteller. She tells the stories of businesses and individuals as a content creator and social media strategist. She tells the stories of the world as a published writer, photographer, traveler, and thought leader.

Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of New York, Amanda’s passion for media brought her to Los Angeles where she earned global recognition for her top tier clients. Since experiencing the benefits of remote work, she now enjoys being location independent.

Amanda’s skills, expertise, and expansive network make her an ideal representative for a diverse roster of clients. She believes that everyone has a story – it’s just a matter of getting it out. Amanda has intensive experience working with a global tech startup, an award-winning creative agency, a top radio station, a renowned film festival, a leading financial institution, and various household-name brands and celebrities.

Amanda is involved in the fields of tech, marketing, social media, communications, public relations, visual arts, and journalism. She has spoken at conferences around the globe and has appeared on television. The places she goes and the people she meets are constant reminders that opportunities are endless when you are doing what you love. Amanda’s interests include writing, data & analytics, photography, travel, music, art, and innovation. She is a proud alumni of Emerson College in Boston where she majored in Journalism with a Multimedia focus.

Amanda is a passionate and driven individual who is always looking to take the next big step. The best dreams she experiences are while awake: the ones she seeks and the ones she lives.

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