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My theory is simple: you focus on your craft – I’ll take care of the rest. The truth is, you can’t do it all on your own. Attempting to juggle tasks such as running multiple social media channels, creating your own content, growing your accounts, and building digital marketing strategies take away from the time you could be honing your talent. My belief is that you should focus on doing what you love. Lean on me to take care of all the details that come with building an empire. You can count on me to cover all the bases for your digital presence.



Your social media channels are a direct representation of your brand. I ensure this image is reflective of your message, your goals, and how you wish to be perceived by the world. I run and manage social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vimeo, and more. On a day-to-day basis, I respond and interact with followers, post thought-provoking content, and manage your sponsored ads. I create and maintain a loyal, engaged following. Above all, I work to make sure all your social media profiles look aesthetically stunning and attract active audiences.



I create thought-provoking posts for social media channels, as well as content for websites and apps. As an award-winning writer, I enjoy writing both short and long form blog posts and articles. As a published photographer, I have years of experience doing photography and videography for both personal projects and for large scale brands. I create stunning visuals to draw in viewers and match them with thoughtful captions that spark conversation. My content is always designed with the target audience in mind. Whether it’s amplifying your Instagram profile or rebranding your website, I’ve got you covered.



Your website is arguably the most important facet of your online presence. It is a reflection of your brand and often the first place consumers go to learn about you or your product. Need a hand? I am fluent in Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and more. I can help you with the design, writing, and content your website needs to stand out from the crowd. Your website will be aesthetically pleasing and rich in the details that matter. You can count on me to create a website for you that is clean, user friendly, and easy to navigate – all while being visually stunning. I can build a website for you from the ground up, or give a makeover to your existing site. Additionally, I can help you obtain a Domain and set up an eCommerce store if you have products to sell. I use search engine optimization when creating your website in order to drive search engine traffic to your pages. Let’s make your website something you’re proud to have as your first impression.



Effective digital marketing campaigns will boost your brand and raise awareness. I am always one step ahead in uncovering new ways to have your message reach your target audiences. I have intensive experience running multi-million dollar social media ad campaigns that bring high engagement & click through rates. I use data and analytics to track ad performance and optimize to make campaigns as successful as possible. I think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to reach your key audience and keep them engaged, seeing your brand’s advertisements across digital channels. Furthermore, I use Keywords, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and SEO strategies to increase your website’s traffic. Allow me to take the metrics and numbers and turn them into a story that provides insight. I will successfully track your audience and learn about their demographics, habits, interests, and more. I help you make sense of the numbers in a digestible and meaningful way. Soon enough, you will have increased brand recognition and traction across social and web.



Building a consistent image is crucial in today’s world. When I advise you with branding and identifying your image, I take every effort to get to know you and your team on a personal level. What’s your purpose? What’s your message to the world? With these questions in mind, I build an image for you that is unique and reveals an alluring story. Your image will be one that a widespread community can connect and identify with. Your online platforms and content will be cohesive with this image. I will help you  brand yourself in a clear, purposeful way that directly shows audiences “This is who we are, this is what we’re about, and this is how we are going to rock your world.”



As a published photographer, I’ve shot red carpets, photographed celebrity clients, have had my photos appear in major publications, and have been featured by global tourism boards. Whether you’re a blogger looking for fresh new images or a company needing to visually rebrand, I do group, individual, and landscape photoshoot packages. Allow me to photograph your product, your special event, or your stock photos. For individuals, I offer sessions ranging from Headshots to Lifestyle shoots. Shooting with me means being in a fun, professional environment. Even the most camera shy of people tell me they feel completely comfortable in front of my lens. I offer packages with raw images, with editing on your favorite shots, or with complete edits.



It’s time to grow your online following in an authentic, organic, and effective way. I draw users to your accounts using targeted audience engagement and by understanding the latest algorithms. I drive traffic to your pages from people who are within in your niche, therefore more likely to engage and lead to a sale. Your page should not be an overnight success that burns out just as fast as it rose – instead, it should be a thoughtful process of building a loyal following of active users who engage and stick around for the long run. Together, we can build this.



Your audience needs to feel connected to you, and that’s where building and maintaining a strong community comes in. I’ve spent countless hours managing communities both online and offline. I am swift to respond to consumer questions, reply to fans, and monitor dialogue. I create meaningful conversations among community members that provoke them to think and interact. Being responsive is key. Your audience should feel comfortable reaching out. Let them know their voices are being heard and that their opinions matter. Trust in a brand leads to growth, and it all begins with a dedicated community.



Influencer marketing is on the rise, and I can connect you with the leading influencers in your field and help negotiate deals. If you are an influencer yourself, I will connect you with relevant brands that have products you are excited and proud to promote to your audience. People follow accounts they care about and listen to their recommendations. Influencer campaigns can lead to increased exposure and product sales. I find influential accounts in your niche and close deals that will spread the word about your business. For influencers, I help you partner with your favorite brands for free products and pay per post.



I am quick to understand and adapt to others’ voices. When I write for you, I make every effort to make it sound as if it was formed in your very own words. I can ghostwrite for your blog, your book, your podcast, and more. Additionally, I can create and set up your LinkedIn profile to provide a masterful display of your work history, skills, and achievements. I am a guru at writing bios and will describe you and your backstory in an a way that is articulate, profound, and entertaining to read.



Email is a great way to keep your audience in the loop and to offer exclusive promotions. I can write and design email newsletters to be sent to your subscribers that will keep them reading and wanting more. I make use of compelling banners, fonts, and layouts to build the email in a way that is well-structured and easy to read. Content will be written in a concise manner (who wants to spend an hour reading an email?) and link back to your website to drive traffic. An enticing email can help you raise money for your fundraiser, drive attendees to your next big event, or spread the word about that new article you wrote. Email newsletters, whether weekly or monthly, will keep your audience in the know and help grow your subscriber list.



My requirement when selecting clients to work with is simple: I must believe in them. If I believe in your cause, your values, and your determination for success, we will make a great team. I have worked with individuals and brands both big and small, from startups to globally renowned companies. I have helped grow accounts that started from the bottom with zero following, and have also run accounts that receive millions of views daily. Past clients I’ve assisted include businesses, CEOs, celebrities, startups, fashion labels, artists, musicians, bloggers, tech companies, writers, filmmakers, retail stores, realtors, architecture firms, designers, photographers, product suppliers, major international brands, and more. My widespread skill set and in-depth experiences make me a perfect fit to work with a diverse range of clients. No matter where you are in the journey to fulfilling your vision, I am here to provide that extra push to launch you into the global spotlight.


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