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You focus on your craft – I’ll take care of the rest. The truth is, you can’t do it all on your own. Attempting to juggle building your brand, running social media channels, creating your own content, and executing marketing strategies will only hold you back from pursuing what you originally set out to do. That’s where I come in. You can lean on me to take care of all the details that come with building an empire. I am here to establish and grow your digital presence with trusted expertise – so you can get back to your true calling!


Your social media channels are a direct representation of your brand. I ensure this image is reflective of your message, your mission, and how you wish to be perceived by the world. I have nearly a decade of experience running and managing social media platforms for household name brands and individuals. Platforms I am proficient in include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. I create and share content that is interactive, engage with your followers and drive conversation, and oversee your social media campaigns from strategy to execution. I work to ensure all your social media profiles are visually stunning as they are meaningful to attract relevant audiences. You can expect to see a steady increase in followers, engagement, outreach, and conversions as a direct result of effective social media management.


Powerful, thought-provoking copy is at the foundation of every successful brand story. With a degree from one of the top Journalism programs in America, you can say that writing is my bread and butter. I write copy that informs, educates, entices, engages, and keeps people reading. I can write copy for your personal bio, website, press releases, blog, social media captions, smartphone app, advertisements, podcast, email newsletters, promotional flyers, company announcements, CEO thought leadership, think-pieces, e-book, online courses, and more. I am experienced in writing for a wide variety of industries including tech, real estate, product, healthcare, finance, environment, politics, travel, wellness, lifestyle, and beyond. I am an avid researcher and am eager to understand more about your offerings so I can put your concepts into words.


Ever heard of the saying “Content Is King?” Well, I set the bar at Royalty! I create thought-provoking posts for social media channels and visual content for websites and apps. As an award-winning writer, I enjoy writing both short and long form text and articles. I am skilled in design and art direction and create bold, clean visuals in the form of graphics, GIFs, video clips, photography, videography, and editing. I match these attention-grabbing visuals with thoughtful captions that spark conversation. My content is always designed with your specific brand guidelines and target audiences in mind. I take the time to understand your unique brand voice, image, and persona so every piece of content screams YOU. Whether it’s running your social profiles or giving your website a facelift, the content I make wows audiences and keeps them coming back for more!


Effective digital marketing campaigns boost your brand awareness and conversions. I have intensive experience running multi-million dollar social media ad campaigns across digital channels that brought in high impressions and click through rates far beyond industry benchmarks. I write powerful ad copy that incentivizes viewers with a clear call to action, and create ad visuals that are eye-catching and dynamic. When it comes to reaching your target audiences, I roll up my sleeves and get creative in finding ways to reach them in the right place at the right time. My refined targeting methods maximize your dollar spend by ensuring we are reaching only relevant audiences. I analyze your followers and target personas and study their demographics, habits, behaviors, characteristics, and interests to deeply understand what appeals to them. All throughout the digital campaigns I am tracking data and analytics to monitor performance and make optimizations as needed. The end result? Increased sales and elevated brand recognition! Impactful ad campaigns amplify conversions and traction from your social pages to your web traffic to real-life.


Your image dictates how the general public perceives your brand. Having strong and consistent branding is at the forefront of being taken seriously and building a loyal community who recognizes you for who and what you are. I brand your business in a way that reflects your core purpose and mission. I ensure your brand messaging is clear, meaningful, and cohesive across all your digital channels and marketing collateral. This includes logo design, font selection, brand colors, mission statements, featured media and press, business cards, and brand guidelines. First, I help you identify WHAT exactly your brand is and the WHY behind it to create your official Brand Story. Next, I bring it all to life and ensure your branding is consistent throughout your digital persona, storytelling, and marketing collateral.


As a published photographer, I’ve shot red carpets, photographed celebrity clients, and have been featured in major publications. Whether you’re an influencer looking for fresh new images or a company needing to visually rebrand, I offer various photoshoot packages. I use professional camera gear and produce images you will adore. Think: new headshots for your LinkedIn, a collection of photos for your product line, or lifestyle photos for your blog. Portrait and lifestyle photography will be done in person, and product photography can either be on-site or you can mail the items me to shoot with. Photo edits and touch-ups are included in the photography packages.


Ready to grow your online following in an authentic and effective way? I am always studying the latest algorithms and trends and stay ahead of the curve. I drive traffic to your pages from individuals in your niche, therefore more likely to take action. I am here to build a dedicated and loyal audience that genuinely cares about what you have to say. Growth tactics can include organic strategy, contests, giveaways, participating in trends / challenges, collaborations with influencers, hashtag strategy, and more. Not only will your followers increase, but so will your sales and brand recognition!


Your audience needs to feel connected to you, and that’s where building and maintaining a strong community comes in. My community engagement services allow your fans and followers to feel their voices are being heard. I spark meaningful conversation with your audience that encourages them to engage and interact directly with your brand. Captions include calls to actions to prompt viewers to take a next step. Your followers won’t be idle observers – they will be active participants! Being responsive is key, so I am sure to reply to all comments and messages in a timely manner. You will soon notice your engagement rate increasing. I am your helping hands to monitor and manage your online communications and allow your viewers to believe their opinion truly matters to you.


Influencer marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing online industries. People follow individuals whose opinion they care about, and therefore are more likely to listen to their recommendations. When people see someone they look up to talking positively about a product or service, they are more likely to become a customer themselves. Influencer campaigns lead to increased exposure and sales, and are beneficial for both the influencer and the brand. I can connect you with the top influencers in your niche and have them showcase your product/offering in a meaningful and compelling way. If you are an influencer yourself, I will connect you with brands you align with to promote products you are excited about and proud to recommend to your audience. I provide guidance on what the content produced should look like and outline what the key messages will be. I help negotiate deals for product exchange and payment, write contracts, and oversee the campaign from ideation to completion.


Email is an important way to keep your audience in the loop and offer exclusive promotions. I write and design email newsletters that will keep your subscribers reading and clicking through. I make use of compelling visuals, strong copy, and visually appealing layouts to build email newsletters that are well-structured and easy to read. An enticing email will drive sales of your product or service, drive traffic to your website, bring attendees to your next event, or spread the word about that new article you wrote. The creative email newsletters I produce keep your audience in the know and your brand top of mind. Beyond just scrolling, your readers will be compelled to take action.


My criteria when selecting clients to work with is this: I must believe in them. If I align with your message, your values, and your business roadmap, we will make a great team. I have worked with individuals and brands both big and small, from emerging startups to globally renowned companies. I have helped grow accounts that started from the bottom with zero presence, and have also run large scale accounts that already have millions of viewers. Past clients I’ve worked with include: household name brands, local businesses, celebrities, tech companies, fashion labels, artists, entertainers, bloggers, authors, filmmakers, shopping retailers, architecture firms, luxury realtors, medical clinics, doctors, beauty & wellness brands, interior designers, photographers, restaurants, membership clubs, financial institutions, international labels, and many more. My widespread skill set and in-depth experiences working hands-on across industries makes me an ideal fit to collaborate with a diverse range of clients.

I look forward to spearheading your digital strategy and launching you into the spotlight!

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