Brand Partnerships

As a social media influencer, I am passionate about partnering with brands I believe in to bring them increased exposure & tangible sales.

Having been in the marketing industry for over six years, I know first-hand the importance of building campaigns that are creative & compelling. With quality content and reaching the right audience comes increased brand recognition and direct sales.

I’ve passionately worked on growing my social media audience to attract a following that is active and engaged. The most important thing to me is that my followers genuinely care about what I say. What’s the point in having a million followers if none of them actually read your captions or engage with your content? My goal has always been genuine human connection & interaction.

I can say with confidence that my social media followers genuinely care about what I say. Furthermore, they are eager for suggestions and trust my advice. My online persona is authentic, which is attractive to viewers in a day in age where things can seem, well, fake. The last thing I want to do is come across as phony. My followers trust my opinions, because they trust me.

I have had the honoring of partnering with brands I truly believe in and am always on the lookout for teaming up with more. I joyfully spend hours creating valuable content to promote products. Through quality photography and thoughtful writing, I make the post stand out rather than seeming like just another annoying ad to quickly scroll past in the feed. I put my Journalism degree to work when I write captions that are meaningful as they are persuasive. I showcase that the product enhanced my life, and it can enhance yours, too!

The results are tangible. From my partnerships I have received plentiful comments both online and in person from my friends & followers saying they were excited to learn about this product I love, and can’t wait to try it out themselves. It brings me great joy to bring business to brands I love while providing others with helpful recommendations.

Check out some of my past brand partnerships below:

BRAND: Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine

Categories: food, vegan, shop local

Purpose: promote line of vegan pizza bagels

BRAND: MyMoon Ultra

Categories: photography, technology

Purpose: advertise their new photography gadget

BRAND: Nature’s Answer

Categories: beauty, wellness, organic, natural, skincare, hair

Purpose: promote their all natural bath products

BRAND: Avena Originals

Categories: food, health, wellness, fitness

Purpose: promote their raw vegan protein powder

BRAND: Tru Earth

Categories: eco friendly, laundry, environmentally conscious

Purpose: inform about Tru Earth’s eco-friendly laundry strips

Brand: Bottega Louie

Categories: food, restaurant, hospitality, cuisine

Purpose: showcase the restaurant’s brunch specials

BRAND: Shlome Art

Categories: fine arts, art, painting, entertainment

Purpose: encourage attendees of the famous LA Art Show to visit the artist’s booth


Don’t hesitate to reach out! I look forward to collaborating with you.