Live In Concert: Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr. brought the energy to Brighton Music Hall as he played before an eager Boston crowd. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because you may know him from a little band called The Strokes. He plays guitar in The Strokes and also sings in his solo career. Albert played a variety songs from his 2 solo albums, Yours To Keep, and ¿Cómo Te Llama? , as well as newer material off of his recent EP, AHJ. The atmosphere of the venue and the crowd was intimate, sharing a feeling of personal connection between those standing below and Albert himself. The set design appeared to be less-is-more, with simple red lights illuminating the stage for the full duration of the set. There is no denying that the show was highly entertaining – between the goofy faces Albert made, those infamous dance moves, and a hot pink bra being thrown on stage (which hung proudly on a band mate’s guitar for the rest of the set), it was easy to sing along and bond with others in the crowd. Audience favorites seemed to be “St. Justice,” “The Boss Americana,” and Hammond’s most famous, “In Transit.” After the show, Albert changed into a black jacket imprinted with his initials “AHJ” and the canine that appears on the album cover. He was kind enough to stick around and chat with fans and meet every person who waited. He is just as personable and goofy off stage as he is on. It is the combination of that bright personality mixed with extreme musical talent that makes Albert Hammond Jr. a successful soloist – not just “that dude from The Strokes.”

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