BOSTON FASHION WEEK: Global Citizens at the Liberty Hotel

In honor of Boston Fashion week, vintage favorites The House of Findings put on an incredible fashion show boasting pieces from all around the world. Titled Global Citizens, the show was hosted by Mayra Gonzalez, The House of Findings’ creative director. Mayra buys beautiful clothing and accessories for the brand’s online boutique and traveling pop-up shows. She says the inspiration behind the looks of Global Citizens come from her travels and all different cultures. The fashion show was held at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Once a prison, the Liberty is now a top-rated luxury hotel. It made for the perfect location for a highly unique fashion show. The lobby of the Liberty features 4 open floors that see down to the main ground (such was the setup of the original prison). For the fashion show, the models began at the bottom level, making their way up the escalator to give an up-close view to attendees on the main floor. They posed on makeshift pedestals and even concierge desks. The models, accompanied by a male counterpart, then walked on to the next level, posing on the above floor for those below to see when looking up. It was a dazzling show with a “runway” unlike anything viewers had seen before. Global Citizens truly brought Boston Fashion Week a world of color and culture.

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I produced and interviewed at the event with YourMag TV. Check out footage below!

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