Local Music, Rising Talent: The Red Room

In the Boston area and want to see up and coming talent? Look no further than the Red Room. The Red Room is a part of Cafe 939, owned by Berklee College of Music. Berklee is home to some of the world’s greatest young musicians. Notable names that got their start at Berklee include John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, and Annie Clark. The Red Room is a great place to support local talent and catch a glimpse of artists who will help mold the future of music.

Bands Jive McFly, Cherry Mellow, and ZILLA recently took the stage at the Red Room. The concert awarded listeners a multitude of sounds, from the funk vibes of Jive McFly to the aggressive rock notes of Cherry Mellow to the soulful jazz of ZILLA. The variety of genres made for an energetic live show that kept audiences guessing what was next. It was a unique combination that made for a memorable night. Undeniable was the talent of the young musicians who came from different backgrounds and homelands to make their mark on the Boston music scene.

Check out footage of the concert above, and click here to see which bands will be making their rounds next at Cafe 939 (many of the shows are free).

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