How to help Angelinos in need right now

Countless people are facing turmoil as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and are in need of immediate help. Covid Mutal Aid Network is an ambitious initiative run by the organization Ground Game- Los Angeles to put donations + help directly in the hands of those who need it. Please consider the following:


  • Donate money of any amount to their fundraiser. It will be directly given to those who are suffering financially as a result of Covid-19 and need immediate help paying for rent, food, and general survival.
  • Donate materials to those who cannot afford or access essential items. This includes food, clothing, toiletries, medicine, household supplies, sanitizer, masks, and anything else you can think of. You can drop off the supplies at their donation center OR arrange for a volunteer to come safely pick it up directly from you.


  • Time is such a valuable resource to donate! The mutual aid network is actively looking for volunteers to help coordinate donations, deliver supplies via car, communicate with those in need, etc.

Ready to learn more and make a difference in your community? Visit the mutual aid network website and get started by clicking HERE!

Now is the time when we need to come together as a community and support one another. Through these dark times we must allow the light of humanity shine through. No matter how hard our personal situations are, there are always ways to give back.

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