PRESS RELEASE: Fairytrail Digital Nomad Livestream Show

Fairytrail Produces First Ever Virtual Dating Show For Digital Nomads

Remote dating app brings travel lovers together – and now anyone can tune in and participate.

Los Angeles, CA: This week, travel dating app Fairytrail announced their new virtual dating show taking place on Instagram Live this Sunday. Rated “Best Dating App for 2021” by Digital Trends, Fairytrail app brings people together in a time where remote work is on the rise and more and more people are becoming location independent. Reflecting the app’s mission to create meaningful human connection regardless of location, Fairytrail’s new dating show, dubbed “Digital Nomad Dating Show,” will bring two contestants together on a virtual first date. The livestream show’s host will ask the contestants entertaining questions submitted by the audience. Viewers watch and react in real time as the contestants get to know each other. The main requirement? Must love travel and adventure.

“We’ve all seen reality TV dating shows before, but the unique twist here is that our show was developed with the digital nomad community in mind,” says Weisman. “This means taking an unconventional approach to love and being open minded to who your travel soulmate could be, whether they’re near or far. The remote work community is very connected, which is why we wanted to make sure that audiences aren’t passive viewers, but active participants in the process from start to finish. Anyone can apply and anyone can watch it all unfold in real time.”

If the two travel lovers hit it off, their virtual date has the potential to turn in-person with Fairytrail’s offer to sponsor a real life adventure for the contestants should they choose to continue the conversation. The sponsored adventure could be anything from parasailing to a cultural cooking class to a guided hike – the goal being that they share a special memory that goes way beyond the typical dinner date. Their first date may have taken place over the internet, but the world is theirs to explore. That’s the nomadic spirit.

About Fairytrail app: Fairytrail is a smartphone app bringing together remote workers, digital nomads, and travel enthusiasts. Users download the app, build out a profile, and connect with other users by “Adoring” them and matching on a mutual destination. 


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