Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Fashion: Trilogy of Style at the Liberty Hotel

Boston got an exclusive glimpse into the fashion world with the Trilogy of Style at the Liberty Hotel. The “trilogy” aspect of the name stems from the three fashionistas featured in the event: Ali Ehlrich, fashion stylist and personal shopper; Cindy Wurderman, professional men’s stylist; and Cibeline Sariano, women’s fashion designer. The event featured personal style advice, on-spot fittings, and a fabulous array of men and women’s clothing and accessories. The sweeping city views from atop the Ebersol Penthouse Suite made for the perfect backdrop to this spectacular fashion fiesta. Missed the event? Experience the latest styles, live music, skyline views, and personal interviews below!

Special thanks to the glamorous and inspirational Ali Ehrlich for making this all possible! To learn more and to book an appointment, check out

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