Baseball Star Joe Torre Debuts Human Trafficking Film

Former Major League Baseball Joe Torre is known for his greatness in regards to the New York Yankees and Mets. But now he has another admirable title to wear: domestic violence changemaker.

Joe Torre is the founder of Safe At Home, a foundation with a mission of using education as a tool to end the cycle of domestic violence and to save lives. Safe At Home has helped to educate thousands on the effects of domestic violence. The foundation has also worked to create “safe rooms” called Margaret’s Place (after Torre’s mother) throughout various schools. These safe rooms serve as a comfortable space for students to go to learn about healthy relationships and abuse prevention, and to help those who are currently facing violence or domestic abuse in their lives. The Margaret’s Place program features individual / group counseling, peer leadership groups, faculty training, family outreach, and anti-violence campaigns.

Joe Torre and his Safe At Home foundation recently sought a new medium to get their message of putting an end to domestic violence out: through film. The film, titled Stuck in Traffick, is about a teenage girl’s troubles coping with domestic violence. Her abusive home life leads the teen to harmful choices, such as isolating herself from her friends, hanging around the streets late at night, and entering the world of human trafficking. The film was directed by five youths who are Peer Leaders in Safe At Home Margaret’s Place Program.

Stuck in Traffick made its debut in Player’s Theatre at the Manhattan Film Festival. The screening of the film was followed by a live panel discussion with the youth filmmakers and Joe Torre himself. The audience was welcome to ask any questions they had and offer any comments on the film. In addition, Joe Torre spoke about his personal experiences with domestic abuse and not feeling safe at home. It showed a lesser known side to the man who has always been known for his baseball fame.

Stuck In Traffic is the latest of the many ways Joe Torre and those involved in his foundation are raising awareness of domestic violence and providing resources to those who experience it. It speaks for the hope that the youth filmmakers, the workers at Margaret’s Place, and Joe Torre share for a world where everyone can feel safe it home.

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