Brazilian National Team Causes A Stir In Boston

The Brazilian National Soccer team paid a visit to Beantown on September 8th to compete with good ‘ole Team USA. The countries faced off at Gilette Stadium with Brazil ultimately taking the lead in a sweeping 4-0 end score.

Screams weren’t only heard from inside the stadium. The Brazilian Men’s team had been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel on Boylston Street, and true fans knew they had to be checking out at some point. Barricades were set up from the hotel entrance leading to the street where the team’s official bus awaited. The situation was initially kept very discreet. To the average passerby, it looked to be some groups of people standing around two parallel facing slabs of wood. But to the fans, the anticipation of knowing the Brazilian National Team could walk out at any given moment built as the minutes slowly passed by.

“When are they coming out? They were scheduled to be outta here an hour ago,” said a male in a Brazilian soccer jersey to his friend.

As time passed, the crowd grew bigger and bigger. Fans were teased by the sight of security men pacing around, the lower storage doors of the bus being opened, and, of course, Louis Vuitton after Louis Vuitton bag being brought out by bellboys.

Just when the crowd thought they’d go crazy if they saw another LV logo pass by their faces, the doors of the Seasons opened. All heads jerked forward as fans excitedly whipped out their flags, soccer balls, and any scrap of paper they could find to get signed. Others extended their arms with phone in hand to prepare for a quick selfie.

Security tried to tame the chaos as shrieks and shouts were released at the sight of the men in green polos. The team trickled out from the hotel doors, many of the players taking time to stop on either side of the barricades to say hola and offer an autograph. The screams got increasingly loud – notable from the females – when Ricardo Kaká made his strut toward the bus. The last ones to step into the vehicle were the coaches, who actually put the most effort in pausing to speak with fans.

“I got it!!! I GOT IT!” a man exclaimed as he waved around his soccer ball covered in black Sharpie markings from Luiz, Neymar, Silva, and Vieriea amongst others.

And, as rapidly as they appeared, they were gone. The bus drove off and Boylston Street returned to normal – whatever that may be. 

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